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Life consists of two days one for you one against you.

Hazrat ali quotes in english about life. Importance of Getting up Early in the Morning. Death defeats a person. Life consists of two days one for you one against you.

If we will make prayer a daily part of our life then. So when its for you dont be proud or reckless and when its against you be patient for both days are test for you. If one night you see someone committing a sin tomorrow dont look at him as a sinner.

Human beings were created to obey Allah Almighty and no one else. People prefer worldly life over the life after death without realizing that the hereafter is. Hazrat Ali Ra Quotes Collection on Life in Urdu True Words in Urdu shorts whatsappQuotesInUrduUrduQuotesGoldenWordsDeepQuotes.

No unwavering Muslim will ever be your adversary and no fraud will ever be your companion. RASOOL-E-KHUDA SAWW SAID MAN KUNTU MOLA WAH HAZA ALI MOLAAA. Hazrat Ali RA Knowledge creates fear of God.

Knowledge protects you but wealth you have to protect it Hazrat Ali Radi Allahu Anhu It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred Hazrat Ali RA Gold is tested with fire and the believer is tested with trials. Question and answer Quotes Hazrat Ali 1. Quotes Of Hazrat Ali About Death.

Imam Ali as Tags. He was the cousin and son of law of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Having knowledge about the life of Sahaba Karam is extremely important as questions related to them are often asked in various Islamic general knowledge written exams and interviews.

More than their written death people die from evil deeds. So you can now prepare for this purpose in best possible way with ease by using our quizzes as a guide. So when its for you dont be proud or reckless and when its against you be patient for both days are a test for you Hazrat Ali ra.

He may have. Hazrat ali quotes in english about life. Quotes OF Hazrat Ali About Life Hereafter.

The best revenge is to improve yourself. Know that honest people are on the. 6812 likes 49 talking about this.

Sep 4 2019 - Famous Hazrat Ali Quotes or Imam Ali Saying about death love life character in English with beautiful images. Aim to live in this world without allowing the world to live inside you because when a boat sits on water it sails perfectly but when water enters inside the boat it sinks. 18 The.

Hazrat Ali teaches us to worship. Short Hazrat Ali RA Quotes and Sayings. It is so because the Sacred Prophet has stated.

Means Akhrat the Everlasting life qoutes After the world is no more. Hazrat Ali AS Quotes Karnana Punjab Pakistan. See more ideas about ali quotes hazrat ali imam ali.

This beautiful quote by Hazrat Ali RA tells the importance of Namaz. Each breath you make is a stride towards death. Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib AS Quotes with Images 20 Righteousness.

Hazrat Ali RA Knowledge is better than wealth. 20 Best Hazrat Ali RA Quotes in Urdu. Hazrat Ali RA Attitude and way of speaking reflects the true picture of human.

Anything which can be tallied is limited and will arrive at an end. Hazrat Ali was Islamic Caliph for 4 years and 9 months. Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib AS.

Make your location respectful and you will hear an amiable answer. Hazrat Ali RA Bio Life History In Islam Quotes Quiz Online. Hazrat Ali was the 4th Caliph of Muslims Amir-ul-Muminin faithful commander and known as Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

Imam Hazrat Ali Quotes. Hazrat Ali quotes and sayings are one of the best life guide quotes for every single person. The transgression which makes you miserable and contrite is more enjoyed by Allah than the great deed which turns you haughty.

Hasten towards your good deeds and fear from your eventually coming Death. Hazrat ali Islamic Quotes. Death is enough for a mans protection.

One who rushes to answer doesnt. On the off chance that issues get stirred up at that point examine the reason and you will realize what the impacts will be. Hazrat Ali RA.

Hazrat Ali RA A mans measure is his will. Try to be honest for Allah is the helper of honest people Avoid telling lies since it will ruin your faith. Every Breath man is a step towards his demise.

Every life has a demise. This world is just a passageway and the life hereafter is the eternal abode and you should prepare for that eternal place in this pathway.

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